5 Ways Leaders Can Better Communicate

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Those in leadership positions must learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently. Let’s face it – without proper communication from leaders, those who are in the position of implementing direction will become confused and confusion will lead to problems. All too often, problems can be avoided if communication is understandable. Whenever communication is not a priority in the business world, the company suffers as well as the bottom-line.


Think about this for a moment. How many times have you found yourself questioning someone’s leadership skills because they were unable to communicate their vision and/or mission? Failure of leadership to communicate the vision and/or mission of their organization is a recipe for disaster. To avoid this disaster as a business owner, it’s imperative that you are aware of why you’re in business, who your target audience is, and what separates you from your competitors.


Leaders who don’t communicate effectively with their team will fail their team and eventually fail in business. Without communicating effectively, projects will not get done in a timely manner. In addition, employee moral will decline. I have included five ways in which leaders can better communicate with their team.


  1. Establish a genuine rapport. This simply means being interested in your team, their likes/dislikes, and strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Provide constructive feedback. Avoid criticism and praise the good work first. During the conversation, offer suggestions for improvement that you and your employee(s) can agree upon.
  3. Have an open door policy. Unless employees feel as though they can communicate with the leadership team, then they are less likely to share their thoughts, ideas, and/or opinions.
  4. Don’t beat around the bush. In other words, be very direct and concise with what you need done.
  5. Ask open ended questions. By asking open-ended questions, this prevents miscommunication and creates a healthy dialogue between leadership and employees.


Good leaders in the business sector understand the value of communication. While you may have a great product and/or service, if you’re not able to communicate it to your employees and potential customers/clients, then you’re wasting time. Remember, good communication leads to happy employees which will lead to business profitability.


Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Follow him on Twitter @drsinclairgrey.org