Pathway To Entrepreneurship

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

How many times have you thought of becoming an entrepreneur only to talk yourself out of it? Let’s face it – thinking about going into business for yourself and actually doing it are two totally different things. At times, it can appear that your thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and actually stepping out on faith and becoming one will seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.


If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, I want to push you along the journey to becoming your own boss. In fact, I want to implore you with the notion that the longer you wait to decide, the easier it is to get distracted and even lose focus. While being an entrepreneur can seem frightening, the benefits are worth it.


Perhaps  you might be saying to yourself right now – ‘I don’t have any business experience,’ ‘No one will support me,’ or ‘It’s not the right time.’ If you find yourself saying this, I want to challenge you and compel you to shift your thinking. That’s right; stop uttering negativity and doubt and start saying ‘all things are possible.’


So how do you begin down this path?


  1. Ask yourself these following questions – 1. Am I getting paid for what I’m worth? 2. Do I see a future in where I’m working? 3. Does my company need me and will they replace me with someone who can make them more money while in return making less in salary? 4. Do I get along with your supervisor? There are many more questions, but if you’re beginning to feel a little uncomfortable with where you are, then that’s a sign you need to explore entrepreneurship.


  1. Write down what you’re passionate about. This may go counter to what some experts say, however, if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, what’s the likelihood you will give 100% of your effort. Passion will lead to profits. Don’t worry about what other people are doing because you’ll get distracted. Find your passion and develop around it.


  1. Read as much as you can on your business venture. As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power.’ The more you know, the better you will become. As an entrepreneur, you can never stop learning. Every day there’s something new and different.


  1. Determine who will be your target audience. Without knowing who you’re going after, you will find yourself confused and later aggravated. Please don’t make the mistake and say ‘everyone is my customer’ because everyone won’t be. Become laser focused so that you won’t waste your time and your efforts.


  1. Network. Network. Network. By going to networking functions, you will meet the right people who can open up the right doors for you. People attend networking events for various reasons. Make sure when you attend, your objective is to build relationships


There are many other pathways to entrepreneurship. This is simply the beginning. Don’t waste a lot of time procrastinating on becoming an entrepreneur. People need what you have to offer. What will you do to stand out?

Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author of The ABC’s of Making Networking Work For You, and Success Coach. Contact him at or